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come and find me lying in the bed i made
katniss' mom. before, through and immediately post-the hunger games (book)
featuring many, many textual liberties. title from anaïs mitchell's Flowers (Eurydice's Song). for the THG comment ficathon, but I realized I made a couple errors after people had commented, so immediate repost it is.
Katniss scolds her and tells her to keep it together. Katniss has never been the forgiving sort. Or maybe Penelope has just never deserved it.

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break my heart back into place
harry potter, hermione, harry/hermione
post-dh, pre-epilogue. for [ profile] hyacinthian at the very end: a potter!wars comment ficathon. 1,142 words.
But the war is over. The war is over, and Hermione's still fighting it.

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the heart for it.
harry potter, cho, neville/cho
deathly hallows slight AU. for [ profile] hyacinthian at the harry potter non-canon ships ficathon
Being seen in this war means an X over your name, and Cho cannot tolerate the sight of her own blood.

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when i run, when i run like a bandit
harry potter, harry/hermione (friendship)
post-dh, pre-epilogue. for [ profile] fallenmelody at the hp non-canon ships ficathon
There is a day when Harry wakes up feeling like there has never been a day where he hasn't had to save something, and it makes him angry, it makes him sad, it makes him leave.

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This is a fic from the Doomed Ship Ficathon. Reposting fest continues~

Loved Large Enough to Want to Shrink
Supernatural. Jo, Dean/Jo, post-Lazarus Rising (4x01)
For [ profile] aaronlisa at the Doomed Ship Ficathon. 524 words.
When Dean comes back to life, Jo is burning a pile of bones in San Antonio.

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