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Oh, Boy

Notes: This mix has two parts. Up through track four is Dan's perspective leading up to around Crazy Cupid Love-ish and the following four are Blair's point of view from Cross Rhodes on. And lest anyone tell you fandom is not a social activity, this was not possible with much collaboration from [ profile] aragons and many textures from Natasha, to whom I am most grateful. Hope you all enjoy!

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my love is priceless

Please note: This is the antithesis of a Chuck/Blair mix. Rather, it's what happens when Blair Waldorf decides she deserves better than this.

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There is a mini-fic in here, and it has 'You're Welcome' spoilers. Larger covers behind the cut to save your flists. Teaser covers:

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the vice: lust songs (vol. three). banner by [ profile] toycircuits.

set list

little boots - new in town
new young pony club - ice cream
florence and the machine - drumming song
amanda blank - might like you better
la roux - in for the kill
ida maria - i like you so much better when you're naked
bitter:sweet - dirty laundry



i can't believe this mix actually exists. IT IS SO KITSCHY AND YET I LOVE IT.
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this year's love (vol. 5). my favorite love songs of the last year. banner by [ profile] tiramisus, image from new resolutions.

set list

marina and the diamonds - i am not a robot
vienna teng - stray italian greyhound (!)
joanna newsom - good intentions paving company
rosie thomas - since you've been around
a fine frenzy - what i wouldn't do
mumford and sons - roll away your stone
ingrid michaelson - soldier
nell bryden - tonight
regina spektor - dance anthem of the 80s (!)
lenka - we will not grow old
adele - daydreamer
gold motel - perfect in my mind
the living sisters - (you don't know) how glad i am

zip. individuals coming soon; if you want me to tell you when they're up, leave a comment stating as such below.


simply posting this mix makes today the best day of my year. :) do enjoy. comment if taking and let me know what you think!
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don't forget to write. an anti-valentine's day mix. volume six.

set list

rilo kiley - bulletproof
meg & dia - bored of your love
ingrid michaelson - once was love
adele - first love
neko case - the next time you say forever
first aid kit - you're not coming home tonight
the raveonettes - hallucinations
a fine frenzy - happier
rosie thomas - clear as a bell
emmy the great - first love
mumford and sons - after the storm
library tapes - fading lights and distant memories

zip. individuals.


every year these always manage to be different. i almost didn't do one this year either, i must confess. i couldn't make a mix that was about how love is a waste of time, i couldn't do it. maybe that means i've grown up or something. instead, this mix is a story about the end of something, and about moving on, and how the things that hurt us are eventually just past. i wanted this to be something about strength for those of you who are spending this valentine's day feeling sad, because last week my best friend said, "anti-valentine's cd coming up. people are counting on you." and he was just kidding but maybe someone will find this comforting, and i couldn't miss that possibility. so, i want you to know that i love you. no matter if we've met or not, because you're human and i love that. i really do.

happy february, kids. and next year we'll see what story i have to tell. ♥

and now i'm going to continue eating the chocolate my mother got me because it's delicious and i am going to get so sick from it i can't even talk about it. :)
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every evening i dream i'm flying. bird songs. for [ profile] iddothestars for [ profile] help_haiti.

set list

library tapes - but now things were different, with even birds unable to speak
florence and the machine - bird song intro
rosie thomas - songbird
a fine frenzy - bird of the summer
owl city - on the wing
noah and the whale - blue skies
imogen heap - little bird
rilo kiley - spectacular views
ingrid michaelson - a bird's song
kate nash - birds
regina spektor - two birds
neko case - marais le nuit

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this year's love (vol. 4). aka my favorite love songs of the last year. i lost the banner credit; let me know if you know.

set list (featuring more ingrid michaelson than anyone should put on any mix ever)

Ingrid Michaelson - Snowfall
Kimya Dawson - My Rollercoaster
Meiko - How Lucky We Are
Lenka - Don't Let Me Fall
Cat Power - Living Proof
Adele - Crazy for You
Ingrid Michaelson - You and I
Inara George - Good to Me
Motion City Soundtrack - This Is For Real
The Bird and the Bee - My Love
Mandy Moore - Most of Me
Ingrid Michaelson - Overboard
Emmy the Great - Bad Things Coming, We Are Safe
Meg and Dia - Courage, Robert
David Ford - Decimate
Joshua Radin feat. Ingrid Michaelson - Sky
Nickel Creek - Green and Grey
Vienna Teng - The Last Snowfall
Neko Cake - Middle Cyclone

zip. individual links coming later. comment if you want me to tell you when they're up.

in summary:

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