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the holiday love meme is here!

my thread, if you wish :D
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Here we go, kids. (and Promote this.) I don't know where to x-post it to without getting shot.

Also, this is entirely [ profile] likeserendipity here. I'm just posting it because my flist is bigger -- it's her genius.


Greg Behrendt's birthday's today and you know how we're going to celebrate that? By celebrating women. All women. Girls, adults, elderly. Whomever. If you're female or identify yourself as such, we want to celebrate you.

Who do you think is the best female character ever? Is that person you're favorite? Is there any medium or fandom you think is amazing when it comes to females? Or do you bemoan the lack of realistic female-representation? Hey, admitting we're too amazing to be truly captured is awesome, too!

If you're artistic, you can show your love via art, picspam, banner, wallpaper, icons, ect. If you're more of a writer, you can write fic, an essay, a fangasmic explosion of fangirly love, or whatever your heart desires. And, if you're neither of these things but still want to participate, then you can just reply and comment on the hard work put into this, therefore continuing the rocking of this love boat.

This is not fandom-exclusive.

If your favorite female is your mother, the woman who babysat you when you were five, or a celebrity you've never met, you can do something for them, too. As long as you don't write a 10,000 word essay that pretty much consists of, "My mother's awesome because she gave birth to me and I'm awesome because..." then we're fine with it!

We're looking for people from TV, history, movies, comics, real life, books, wherever you find women, you'll find awesome. So stop being greedy and come share with us.

You can participate more than once - in fact, we encourage that you do! All we ask is that you come back to this post and link us to what you did, so we can have all of the win together and flail like the community we so strive to be. There is no deadline.

So pimp this out, have fun, and just fill out this simple format when you provide us with the link.

fanmix? ficmix? fic? icon? art? graphics?

* if the person is from real life, just fill in "real life." If they're a historical figure, however, fill out "History," unless you're concentrating on one representation. Then you can put both catagories. :D

For example:

Subject: Katherine of Aragon
Fandom: History: The Tudors
Link: here!

OR you can hold discussions here. Whatever you'd like to do, it's all yours.

Go! Promote to your friends! Have fun!


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