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By Fairest Blood - A Snow White and the Huntsman Comment Ficathon

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The Could Have Beens: An AU Comment Ficathon

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Because the last one was so marvelous, let's have a part two. The rules have just slightly changed from last time, so take note.

At the Close: A Harry Potter Wars Comment Ficathon

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The Doomed Ship Comment Ficathon

TAKE TWO. Because the other one was filling up and there are still prompts to be filled.

Rules (READ THE RULES) and banners and promotion code and everything else is here.

Also, while I'm here, you should join [ profile] doomedshipclub. Cool.
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The Doomed Ship Comment Ficathon


The comments on this post are filling up. Please post all new prompts here.

Rules and etc. continue below. You may still respond to unfilled prompts here.

Not all ships were created equal. Some are just more doomed than others. We're here to help with that.


1. WHAT MAKES A DOOMED SHIP? This is the most important part of the rules. Not all ships are doomed. Undoomed ships cannot sit here. For our purposes, we are defining doomed ships as one or all of the following:

1. Your show was canceled prior to ship resolution.
2. One or both members of your ship died or disappeared or left.
3. Canon hates your ship and wants it to suffer/never exist in the first place.

Some examples:

1. Mal/Inara (Firefly), Tommy/Jenny (The Black Donnellys), John/Cameron (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
2. Kara/Lee (Battlestar Galactica), Tosh/Owen (Torchwood), Cordelia/Angel (Buffy/Angel), Willow/Oz (Buffy)
3. Kate/Sawyer (Lost), Harry/Hermione (Harry Potter), Ted/Robin (How I Met Your Mother)

COROLLARY TO #3: Try not to get too cracky here. Use your discretion.

COROLLARY TO ALL RULES: No modern RPF is allowed. Historical RPF is allowed.


Jack/Kate (Lost), Sawyer/Juliet (Lost), Buffy/Angel (Buffyverse), Spike/Buffy (Buffyverse), Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter), Helo/Athena (Battlestar Galactica). If you're not sure if a ship counts as doomed, you can ask in the comments.

I recognize this is a grey sort of area, and that shows that aren't finished yet may not have a doomed or undoomed ship set up yet. If it is unclear if a ship will be doomed or not, it does not belong in this ficathon. This means, for example, that both Jeff/Britta and Jeff/Annie from Community don't go here, because we don't know which ship will be doomed and which one won't. Again, if you're unsure, you may ask in the comments.

2. You leave a comment with a pairing and a prompt. You respond to prompts that you like. Your prompt must pertain to a doomed ship. You may specify a character within that ship if you want the fic written from that characters perspective.

3. When writing fic, put in your title SHOW - SHIP - TITLE OF FIC (rating optional).

4. LEAVE FEEDBACK. Comments are the lifeblood of the internet.

5. NO WANK. I'll delete your ass. And we're dealing with ships and I am deletion happy, so watch yourself.

6. There will be spoilers all over this post. You have been warned.

7. Promote this if you please. You can use this code:

We are looking for banners featuring your doomed ship of choice. If you'd like to make one, try and size it to 400x250 and leave it in the comments here. I'll add it to this main post and credit you for it. The title banner for this ficathon was made by the ever lovely [ profile] jacyevans.

Have fun!


To clarify - if you think a ship is doomed, you are free to argue for it. I am flexible. I am not, however, going to be flexible with regards to any of the re-established alterna!land ships for Lost (any of them, whether they woke up or not, so no Dan/Charlotte for example, or Jack/Kate, and I ship both of those; on the other hand, Jack/Juliet, for example, does count because they were doomed in real time and in alterna!land), nor will I be flexible with Buffy/Spike or Buffy/Angel, because I don't think that either of them are doomed actually (they should probably just all date each other tbh), because canon treats them both quite well as ships, and because I want to give the smaller ships in the Buffyverse fandom a chance to party. I am sorry that this excludes the possibility of both Bangel and Spuffy, but it is a rule I will be sticking with.

Otherwise, you are free to argue your ships and I am willing to listen.

ETA 2:

[ profile] websofseaweed has made us a delicious account to track all the fics and prompts here. You can find it here. It is wonderful and awesome and will help you find unfilled prompts and awesome fic!

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