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Oh, Boy

Notes: This mix has two parts. Up through track four is Dan's perspective leading up to around Crazy Cupid Love-ish and the following four are Blair's point of view from Cross Rhodes on. And lest anyone tell you fandom is not a social activity, this was not possible with much collaboration from [ profile] aragons and many textures from Natasha, to whom I am most grateful. Hope you all enjoy!

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oh hai. the non-canon ship commentathon is going quite well. i will have a huge list of recs by the end, i'm sure, but on this genocide awareness day i am going to link you to the two fics i have written so far:

cho/neville - the heart for it
Cho is braver than people think she is. You have one emotional breakdown over a dead boyfriend and everyone thinks you can't carry any weight.

harry/hermione - when i run, when i run like a bandit
After the war there is, of course, the after.

they're actually more gen than shippy—i told [ profile] hyacinthian that the cho/neville fic was really cho featuring neville, and in harmony land friendship fic and ship fic are the same thing because who are our kids. soml. off you go. :)
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i've decided to make my doomed ship comment ficathon. i need banners. assistance from the peanut gallery, flist? you are all doomed like me.
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There is a mini-fic in here, and it has 'You're Welcome' spoilers. Larger covers behind the cut to save your flists. Teaser covers:

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responses to the five things in my otp personal canon from yesterday. i'm also going to post my responses to ladyfest later. sup. also, re-watching angel s1? much more painful when you ship angel/cordelia. my heart hurts all the time.

also yes i recognize that jack/kate and angel/cordelia end with the same line. DON'T CARE, OTP, SHAKING AND CRYING. and the a/c one is kind of a mess because this ship makes me a mess and I'm trying to do way too much here, but here it is.

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(warning: epic shippy fangirling ahead, kids)

Before we begin, this has spoilers for the following: Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, How I Met Your Mother, Dollhouse, Lost and Merlin. This is for [ profile] picspammy's Challenge 15: Year End

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for the record, this was not a part of this meme, but I am writing a bunch of five things fics for that and Xander/Cordlia will be posted later this evening if someone is willing to do a quick beta of it? I apparently take my fics too srsly. Le sigh. ANYWAY.

Title: A Lion-Hearted Girl (or: five things that never happened to Jo Harvelle)
Ship (Fandom): Dean/Jo (Supernatural)
Spoilers: Through 5x02
A/N: Many thanks to [ profile] jacyevans for the beta! The title is from Florence and the Machine's "Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up).
Summary: Jo hears when Dean dies. Everyone does – it is the sort of whispered hunter talk that passes from state to state on the backbones of soldiers, whispers trapped in the dried cracks of their hands.

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