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(Blueverse) Olivia. Lincoln/Olivia, Peter/Olivia.
Emptiness without Peter wasn’t any better or worse than emptiness with him. It was just different. "I was happy without you,” she says.
Contains references through 3x03

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Concrit forever welcome
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More repostings.

Don't Take My Love Lightly
Ginny. Ginny/Harry, Ginny/Neville. Post-war. For the at the close ficathon
Ginny does not want to name her children after the departed. She does not want to look at them and mourn.

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i'll be re-posting some fics from the at the close ficathon over the next couple of days so i can keep them organized. :)

we're not ones for busting through walls
lavender brown, post-war. for the at the close ficathon. title from kate bush's 'suspended in gaffa'
There are patterns, of course.

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For King and Country
This last letter goes to a sailor on the coast.
Downton Abbey, post-S1. Crawley sisters. Mary/Matthew, Sybil/Branson.

This is a story of sisters at war )
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Because the last one was so marvelous, let's have a part two. The rules have just slightly changed from last time, so take note.

At the Close: A Harry Potter Wars Comment Ficathon

Rules and Info under the cut )
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A Tree in a Storm (Or: Eight things that never happened to Ginny Weasley)
Harry Potter. Ginny. Neville/Ginny, Harry/Ginny.
For the Personal Canon meme on Tumblr.
It is a very quiet year when Ron goes to Hogwarts. Above all things, Ginny is used to him, used to the noise of a brother in this too-large, crumbling house.

A Tree in a Storm )
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The Blood in Your Skin (Or: Ten things that may or may not have happened to Lincoln and Olivia)
Spoilers through 'Bloodline'
For the personal canon meme i did on tumblr last week. alt!liv/lincoln requested by @flowerings
This is what leads Lincoln to kiss her the first time they almost die together. Lincoln thinks this is romantic. Olivia laughs in his face.

The Blood in Your Skin )
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Parks and Rec. Ben/Leslie.
Sort of spoilers through Harvest Fest. Many thanks to [ profile] miss_mishi for the beta.
As might be obvious by now, Ben’s a simple guy. Go to work, crunch the numbers, try not to put too many people out of a job while recognizing that some people have to go. Go from work to the motel to the takeout menus in the drawer next to the fridge.

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Five Things That Never Happened to Dana Scully
The X-Files. Scully, Mulder/Scully.
Spoilers for everything. Sort of inspired by this version of five things that never happened to Dana Scully, but the contents have nothing in common, I promise.
Dana — and she is always Dana now — looks out the window. She has stopped waiting. Instead, she watches.

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a fight so old
lilah morgan. wesley/lilah.
for [ profile] eleusis_walks at the what-if ficathon, prompt: "Lilah is Angel's liaison to the Senior Partners."
Lilah freezes. She's not very good at advice. "Play it out," she says after a moment. "That's all you can do."
a/n: needless to say, this is an AU for AtS s5.

a fight so old its body complains )
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break my heart back into place
harry potter, hermione, harry/hermione
post-dh, pre-epilogue. for [ profile] hyacinthian at the very end: a potter!wars comment ficathon. 1,142 words.
But the war is over. The war is over, and Hermione's still fighting it.

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just noting while i'm here that my lee adama personal canon is going to be large enough to fill volumes. i've had to divide it up by season. season three might have to be divided by half season. why do i make these choices.

anyway. mostly i'm posting this because [ profile] calikalie made me a cho icon and i wanted to use it. :)

a glass cage heart or: six facts you didn't know about cho chang.
resposted from tumblr.
Cho sits in the kitchen for the next two hours with a cup of tea that soon goes cold, trying to think about the next move. Her first step.

a glass cage heart )
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I actually have a lot of these from last round to post too, so this is, in fact

A giant post.

Jo Harvelle )

Harry/Hermione )

Angel/Cordelia )

Alt!Livia Dunham (6) )

Petunia Dursley )

Astrid Farnsworth )

Hermione Granger )

Martha Jones )

I am too intimidated by the notion of tagging this post to tag this post right now.
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the heart for it.
harry potter, cho, neville/cho
deathly hallows slight AU. for [ profile] hyacinthian at the harry potter non-canon ships ficathon
Being seen in this war means an X over your name, and Cho cannot tolerate the sight of her own blood.

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Title: Looking for a Ghost (4/?)
Ships (Fandom): John/Cameron, John/Allison (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
Timeline/Spoilers: Post-Born to Run; full series spoilers
A/N: Basically, this is what happened when I watched the s2 finale August of 2009. It's very long and will be published as one chapter a week until its conclusion. Many thanks to [ profile] ava_leigh_fitz and [ profile] noblealice for their ever-present betaing and cheerleading.
Summary: John’s mouth tastes of mud and specks of gravel, like an old dirt road. He has told this story too many times.

One | Two | Three

Looking for a Ghost pt. 4 )
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when i run, when i run like a bandit
harry potter, harry/hermione (friendship)
post-dh, pre-epilogue. for [ profile] fallenmelody at the hp non-canon ships ficathon
There is a day when Harry wakes up feeling like there has never been a day where he hasn't had to save something, and it makes him angry, it makes him sad, it makes him leave.

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my heart is holding onto you
harry potter. harry, harry/hermione (friendship), mentions of h/g and r/hr.
post-dh, pre-epilogue. 749 words. for [ profile] perfectlystill at the hp non-canon ships ficathon.
Harry thinks of things in before and after photographs—before the war, the cupboard; after the war, the house.

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This is a fic from the Doomed Ship Ficathon. Reposting fest continues~

Loved Large Enough to Want to Shrink
Supernatural. Jo, Dean/Jo, post-Lazarus Rising (4x01)
For [ profile] aaronlisa at the Doomed Ship Ficathon. 524 words.
When Dean comes back to life, Jo is burning a pile of bones in San Antonio.

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I now introduce the "Elyssa reposts her drabbles from the UC ficathon and probably from the Doomed Ship ficathon too?" portion of our program. I think I'll end up posting one every other day or so as to not overflow your flists. :)

tell me nothing will ruin us.
harry potter. harry, harry/hermione (friendshippy). 902 words.
post-DH, pre-epilogue. for [ profile] chipping at the HP non-canon ships ficathon.
Harry grins, and hopes it looks more genuine than it feels. "I've got a hunch," he says.

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