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Oh, Boy

Notes: This mix has two parts. Up through track four is Dan's perspective leading up to around Crazy Cupid Love-ish and the following four are Blair's point of view from Cross Rhodes on. And lest anyone tell you fandom is not a social activity, this was not possible with much collaboration from [ profile] aragons and many textures from Natasha, to whom I am most grateful. Hope you all enjoy!

01. Boy - Oh Boy

She's so easy to fall for, but boy she's so hard to hold.
She looks at you like a warning, you know you're gonna be hungry when you get home
Her lips make the cherries and the berries and the apples look pale
She could ask anything you would do anything no matter what you would obey

And she turns every room into a dance floor
She turns and she sways and she spins
And you stand still like a statue and you can't take your eyes off her skin
Oh boy, you'd better slow it down, you're running on unsold ground
She'll never slow down for you
Oh boy, you'll never wear that crown, you're just one of one hundred clowns
I know it's sad but it's true

Everything that she touches every word from her mouth turns to gold
How can you ever get her right when she's all colors and you are grey and cold
Keep looking up but she'll never ever look down
Oh look at this part you've chosen, you're the jester of the queen
She's the queen of the town

02. Donora - Shout

I'm not trying to to to make this hard for you
I wanna shout it but I won't, I wanna shout it
Oh, I'm not trying to to to make a scene for you you you
I wanna shout it but I won't

I know about you you
You think as much as I do and
Waste your time not saying the
Words that keep replaying
Oh, I know about you you
You look at me like you you do
Maybe if they turned away
I'd mouth what you hoped I'd say

03. Eisley - Marsh King's Daughter (I want to note this is the most Dan/Blair song to ever exist and I want a fanvid.)

Stealing to your window, again
Now I say, "We could fall in love"
Sighing in exasperation,
"No," you say again "This simply is not love"

And I just know that we could work out
Even though you're royalty and I am not
But there's a chance that you are wrong and
I am right this time

Come on come on lets take a chance now
We could fall in love
Come on come on lets take a chance now
We could fall in love

Thrashing through the fen and dew,
I thought what I wouldn't do for you
Stealing hearts of Marsh King's daughters
Well this is something new

04. Stars - What I'm Trying to Say

North of the river all the streets are the same
We can pretend that they don't know our name
And the heat is turned all the way to full
So don't pretend that you don't feel the pull

I am trying to say
What I want to say
Without having to say
I love you

05. Gold Motel - The Cruel One

I was using loneliness and now it's using me
There's nothing left to give to you
One thing left to say to you

Oh no
I don't want to wake up feeling like I'm no one
I don't want to wake up wondering
How did I become the cruel one

I don't want to waste my time
Standing in a waiting line
When I know what I want, and you're just what I want
I don't want to waste my days, worrying what they'll say
Now I know what I want, you're just what I want

06. Tilly and the Wall - Falling Without Knowing

The feeling was psychic, passing through, electric
My palm against your fingers, pressing needles through my wrist
Hearts meet, though we didn't speak of those things
Falling, falling without knowing

Whatever happens now that I've changed
No one will ever stand in our way
We both sent the signal, it's been delivered, a crashing cymbal rings out
We both sent the signal, it's been delivered, a crashing cymbal rings out

Some kind of magic, moving was automatic
The days go on forever, reaching forward, not looking back
Synchronicity, I get the feeling
Completely falling, falling without knowing

07. V.V. Brown - Crazy Amazing

It's really kinda funny how you knocked on my door
It's crazy how you got me feeling funny oh so deep inside

I can't believe you lay here inside my bed
A guy like you won't leave things inside my head
You magically appeared in the secret winces of my life

He loves me so
I can't believe how he needs me, oh
I think it's crazy amazing
How you can just bump into a guy, fall in love, change your life

08. Kimbra - Two Way Street

And I'm waiting, waiting, waiting

For you to walk down the boulevard
To take me, take me, take me

But the moment you appear

You wake me, wake me, wake me

Out of the slumbers of my head

From the slums of loneliness.

And there's no conspiracy

Behind the way to heist me

When love is a two way street
And I think I'm ready

To let you get under my skin

I can't make you fall for me

Love is a two way street

We're coming close to our fate

They'll put a star beside our names

And I couldn't care for the history

When I've got you in front of me

The cars could all collide

The shards of glass 
won't catch my eye

'Cause you're almost by my side

We're counting down at the green light.

And there's no conspiracy

Behind the way to heist me

When love is a two way street
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