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Fic Master List

Fics are listed in chronological order, oldest fics at the top of each category. That means the better fics are probably at the bottom. Not always the case, but a good rule to go by.

This also has links to my original writing, which is over at [ profile] andthensecede.

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Battlestar Galactica
The Big Bang Theory
Creative Non-Fiction
Doctor Who
Downton Abbey
Friday Night Lights
Gossip Girl
Harry Potter
The Hunger Games
Original Fiction
Parks and Recreation
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
True Blood
The X-Files

Battlestar Galactica

The First Love You Can't Escape (Kara/Lee)
    The thing about it, the thing is, the thing, is that after Kara died everything spilled out and away from him like a broken hourglass.

The Remnants of Our Shaking Ghosts (Jean Barolay/Anders, Kara/Anders)
    It takes them all a minute to understand what’s happening before the audible click of someone’s screaming.

Five Facts You Didn't Know About Kara/Lee
    After Zac's funeral, he doesn't even look at her for a year.


The Big Bang Theory

One Day I'll Get Up the Courage
    Penny’s always been a liar. That’s why she became an actress.



Since You Left I'm a Gold Balloon That Wanders High (or: six things you didn't know about Cordelia and Xander) (Cordelia/Xander)
    The scar from her fall, faded now but visible to the attentive eye, is still the sort of mark she is perpetually conscious of, something she can feel slithering on the surface of her skin.

I Will Love You 'Til the Noise has Long Since Passed (Angel/Cordelia)
    Option B: Cordelia Chase, the human-turned-more-than, stays asleep. Until one day she doesn't.

Five Things You Don't Know About Angel/Cordelia
    The point is, she should have known she loved him far earlier. He should have known it too.

For Something Lost (Ficmix. Angel/Cordelia)
    This is her after life.

The Bones of the Matter We Live In (Cordelia/Angel, Wesley/Lilah, Fred/Gunn, Buffy/Spike, Spike/Fred, Wesley/Fred, Buffy/Angel)
    Hell is strangely like the world above, only without vacation days, weekends, or particularly effective air conditioners. But evil never stops, not even after death, which makes those old mantras of sleeping when dead taste a little sour.

I Can Play Games 'Cause I Know All the Masks (Wesley/Lilah)
    She doesn’t know which of these wounds burns brighter, or even when one ends and the other begins.

A Fight So Old (Lilah, Wes/Lilah, S5 AU)
    Lilah freezes. She's not very good at advice. "Play it out," she says after a moment. "That's all you can do."


Creative Non-Fiction (@ [ profile] andthensecede)

Fireside Tales
    Ever since, I have wanted to toss the books from troublesome classes into infernos. I never have.

Lessons from Ghosts
    I feared death from a too young age.

Melt Me Down Into Big Black Armor
    I’m not the reckless type; I do as I’m told, I don’t take chances, and I’m afraid of heights.


Doctor Who

Five Things Martha Jones Has Learned About Time (Doctor/Martha, AU Post-Human Nature)
    ‘Lesson one,’ he said, so long ago. ‘Time is not a circle, line or anything having to do with geometry.

Palindromatic (Doctor/Martha, 1969 era)
    Both of them really should have known. Sometimes Martha thinks he already did.

I Gave You Promises Like Stepping Stones
    Donna whistles a sigh by the console with a smile and, "I could get used to this forever, Doctor" because her heart isn't yet broken and no one has died or been left behind or grown too shaken to continue, not yet.


Downton Abbey

For King and Country (Crawley sisters. Matthew/Mary, Sybil/Branson)
    This last letter goes to a sailor on the coast.



We Are So Fragile – Our Cracking Bones Make Noise
    The memories scare him, the crisp cleanliness of them. He still remembers the scent of his new detergent the night he met Felicity, and feels as though knifed when he remembers how long ago that was.


Friday Night Lights

You Would Take the Breath From My Throat (Tyra, Tyra/Landry)
    The dreams come in twos, lining up like ducklings, Madeleine, little girls in straight lines and other fairy tales lying in crumpled pages in the basement, in a box labeled “Things I Was Once.”

Stand in the Light. Stand in the Light. (Stand in the Light.)
    'You’re a Collette girl,' mama says but no, mama, no, this boy is something new.



The Blood in Your Skin (Or: Ten things that may or may not have happened to Lincoln and Olivia)
    This is what leads Lincoln to kiss her the first time they almost die together. Lincoln thinks this is romantic. Olivia laughs in his face.

Easy (Olivia, Lincoln/Olivia)
    Emptiness without Peter wasn’t any better or worse than emptiness with him. It was just different. "I was happy without you,” she says.

Crane Your Neck
    Olivia has other things to worry about, like the way Lincoln has his fingers perched just at the edge of the table, leaving prints. Olivia notices these things, of course. She likes evidence.


Gossip Girl

a strange fate with wandering limbs (Dan/Blair)
“You have a very heteronormative notion of intercourse, you know,” he says, pulling down her stockings anyway. | Miscommunications, make-outs, and the first thirty-three days of dating Blair Waldorf.


Harry Potter

Culpa - Part One, Part Two (Harry/Hermione, Hermione/Ron, Harry/Ginny)
    The first few months after the end of the war go like this. Ginny, guiltily, knows that they all will move on eventually. She just doesn't know what they will do then or how they will handle the empty room.

There Hasn't Been a Time Where I Wished I Wasn't Here With You (Harry/Hermione)
    In the war, she learns too many things.

My Heart is Heavy as an Oil Drum (Cho)
    She's been dizzy all the time lately, keeps water on hand at every second, and has to stop on street corners to rest hands against lamp posts to keep from fainting. She's too young for this - this is a phrase she often thinks, but never believes, because Cho doesn't feel young. Cho feels ancient.

Tell Me Nothing Will Ruin Us (Harry/Hermione)
    Harry grins, and hopes it looks more genuine than it feels. "I've got a hunch," he says.

My Heart is Holding Onto You (Harry/Hermione)
    Harry thinks of things in before and after photographs—before the war, the cupboard; after the war, the house.

When I Run, When I Run Like a Bandit (Harry/Hermione)
    There is a day when Harry wakes up feeling like there has never been a day where he hasn't had to save something, and it makes him angry, it makes him sad, it makes him leave.

The Heart for it (Cho, Neville/Cho)
    Being seen in this war means an X over your name, and Cho cannot tolerate the sight of her own blood.

A Glass Cage Heart or: six facts you didn't know about Cho Chang.
    Cho sits in the kitchen for the next two hours with a cup of tea that soon goes cold, trying to think about the next move. Her first step.

break my heart back into place (Hermione, Harry/Hermione)
    But the war is over. The war is over, and Hermione's still fighting it.

A Tree in a Storm (Or: Eight things that never happened to Ginny Weasley)
    It is a very quiet year when Ron goes to Hogwarts. Above all things, Ginny is used to him, used to the noise of a brother in this too-large, crumbling house.

Don't Take My Love Lightly (Ginny. Ginny/Harry, Ginny/Neville.)
    Ginny does not want to name her children after the departed. She does not want to look at them and mourn.

we're not ones for busting through walls (Lavender)
    There are patterns, of course.



Cutting Room Floor (Zach/Claire)
    I'm going to count backwards and when I get to zero you will wake up.


The Hunger Games

Come and Find Me Lying in the Bed I Made (Katniss' mom)
    Katniss scolds her and tells her to keep it together. Katniss has never been the forgiving sort. Or maybe Penelope has just never deserved it.

None of Us are Going Back (Katniss, Katniss/Gale, Katniss/Peeta, OT3 times)
    Katniss still sees Gale on TV. Sometimes she wishes he were dead. She knows what to do with the dead.

The Softest Bullet Ever Shot
    “I’ll burn them to the ground,” she finds herself saying, albeit without an ounce of fire in her. It’s just a cold dead fact in the world. They are going to take Gale from her and she’ll put an arrow through Snow’s throat for it.



The Hurricane I'll Never Outrun (Jack/Kate)
    The island changed them, yes. But they’ve always been cyclical people, fall into patterns. So, he still goes to the hospital. And Kate still pushes everyone away.

You Fell Down Like Concrete Angels (Jack/Kate)
    She used to have a monopoly on repressed feelings and a penchant for lighting the things she didn’t like on fire.

Five Things Jack and Kate Don't Talk About (Jack/Kate, Kate/Sawyer, Jack/Juliet)
    Funny thing about Jack, though – moving on is a technical term, a disease that infects everyone but him while he still hangs on to things from too many years ago.

What Do I Do with a Love that Won't Sit Still? (Jack/Kate, Sawyer/Juliet)
    Physics was one of her favorite classes in school, the way things push against each other. She used to get straight A’s before she stopped feeling.

The Limits of Who We Are (Jack/Kate, Kate/Sawyer, Sawyer/Juliet)
    It’s like re-learning to speak. That’s the only way she can describe it. Language tastes different in her mouth, stale and foreign and not hers. Speech should belong to people who have the words to go with it. Kate has lost hers.



Drabble Sets (Harry Potter, Battlestar Galactica, Twilight, Firefly, Heroes)

There Was a Love Affair in This Building (Bella Swan [Twilight]/Harry Potter [Harry Potter])
    Fingers floating across his skin, she whispers, “You were too young to fight a war.”

Personal Canon (Twilight, Robin Hood, Battestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Be Still, Heart (or: five girls with boyfriend problems) (Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Twilight, Robin Hood, Harry Potter)
    She never calls again, turns toward the sun setting in the west, the end of something.

make up words to songs you used to know (or: Five Times a Boy Thought a Girl Died)
    His knees give out. He pretends he’s only kneeling, but no, that’s not it; his knees give out, collapse. She always did provide the supporting stilts.

Things I Have Loved I'm Allowed to Keep (Twilight/Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Jacob/Bella, Sam/Leah, Edward/Bella)
    “This isn’t some fairy tale,” he bites. “I’m not the knight in shining armor, and I don’t have some kiss that will wake the princess from a deep slumber. I don’t know how to save her.”

Personal Canon (Supenatural, Harry Potter, Fringe, Doctor Who)
    Later, there’s Tom, and, “I just think there’s nothing that I can give you anymore. You won’t stop running.” And this is true. She won’t.


Original (@ [ profile] andthensecede)

I Want You to Love Me, He Whispers, Unable to Speak
    The driest summer on record, and Sean decides it’s time for drastic measures the day he sees her hand in Jeremy Krone’s back pocket, hips leaning into him, free hand in his hair.

I Was Always Strong as Long as We Were a Team
    It was the second day before he dared speak in front of the committee, and the third day before he dared say a sentence to her.

In Unending Storms, We Search for Space to Breathe
    The city has fallen into remarkable silence. She expected siren sounds and broken glass, shouts underneath police battalions, like Vietnam War protesters shouting We refuse to die.

Our Addictions Chase Us Into Evenings
    I have made many mistakes. Loving was my first and sometimes I suspect it will be my last.

Left for Ocean Breezes
    Aliza didn’t even remember what her sister sounded like, though the photograph Aliza kept on the windowsill still reminded her of the blue eyes they shared, the freckles, the auburn hair always tied in a knot at the base of the skull.

The Piano
    The other rooms, the library of first editions, the antique dining room set, the Victorian guest room furniture, all these were flitted over like cereal box prizes. She paused at the piano. I was careful not to stare at the picture resting on the piano like at a wake.

Train Ride
    A month after the Blitz starts, Rupert tucks his knees up onto his train seat because it is more comfortable than letting them hang without hitting the ground.

    There were dead flies trapped in the light bulbs and cannon balls in her stomach. The hospital smelled like lemons and insecticide, the sheets itched like dry grass, and Georgiana did not want to be there anymore.

What's There
    Still, ten years after Genevieve died, she thinks of the house as hers.


Parks and Rec

    As might be obvious by now, Ben’s a simple guy. Go to work, crunch the numbers, try not to put too many people out of a job while recognizing that some people have to go. Go from work to the motel to the takeout menus in the drawer next to the fridge.



Mémoire Fausse (Tess, gen.)
    She changes names everywhere they go. Theresa, Tatiana, Tara, all T's.



A Lion-Hearted Girl (or: five things that never happened to Jo Harvelle) (Dean/Jo)
    Jo hears when Dean dies. Everyone does – it is the sort of whispered hunter talk that passes from state to state on the backbones of soldiers, whispers trapped in the dried cracks of their hands.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Looking for a Ghost (John/Cameron, John/Allison)
    John’s mouth tastes of mud and specks of gravel, like an old dirt road. He has told this story too many times.


True Blood

I Can Only Give You Everything I've Got (Sam/Sookie)
    The wind pushes across Louisiana plains, rustling memories he cannot shake, and it’s almost new moon time again.




Conversations We Pretend Never Happened
    He knows the rest of them know about her. He wants to keep her to himself, even the version in his mind. He has always been selfish.

You Marched In Like Big Gusts of Wind
    Some nights she still dreams Edward leaves her again. Those dreams hurt just as much as the Jacob ones, though, and that’s when she knows.

Five Things Bella Swan Doesn’t Know about Jacob Black
    He fought loving Bella too. He still lost.

You Still Crumble at My Name
    Her days go like this. She daydreams things better classified as nightmares and shudders awake.

If I Could Reverse it, I Don't Think It Would Be Worth It
    She crashes into his mind (body and soul) and pitches a tent. He could not make her leave even if he wanted to. Besides, why would he ever wish for her back at the door?

I Have You Breathing Down My Neck (Companion to You Still Crumble at My Name)
    He has been running for so long he doesn’t even know how to stop and breathing is a word he no longer understands. It makes him think of her, giving him life, and a future her, no longer needing air.

One Thing Jacob Black Knows about Bella Swan and Five Things He Doesn’t (Sort of companion to Five Things Bella Swan Doesn’t Know about Jacob Black)
    The nightmares start when she’s five.

Love, Just Like Blood, Will Always Stain
    They are invisible when anyone could see them in the light.

Tell Them This Love Hasn't Changed Me At All (Companion to Love, Just Like Blood, Will Always Stain)
    The final prize of this scavenger hunt is absolution.

You Paid Me Well in Memories (Mike. Mike/Bella, Bella/Jacob.)
    With the soft press of footfalls on sidewalks, he glances at her and hopes she doesn’t notice. He knows she always has.

We Will Always Be a Light (AU.)
    Billy appears with Jacob in tow and she’s all Cheshire grins and giggles, immature and inappropriate and too fast.

Ten Facts You Didn't Know About Jacob Black
    At 15 he thinks he will laugh about it later, falling for the pretty girl just like everyone else.

We Lit the Streets With the Sweetest Glow
    She rolls her eyes. “When I can contract supernatural elements to give me a growth spurt I’ll let you know. Maybe we can get matching pins.”

from the wreckage i emerge with all the love you ever dreamed of (Jacob/Bella, Edward/Rosalie)
    When the apocalypse starts, Bella is dying.

I Want to See the Sun Rise Anywhere but Here - Part One: Jacob; Part Two: Bella; Epilogue, PSA, Soundtrack
    Her hands are shaking at her sides, but he knows can’t go with her. He knows he can’t say yes. It doesn’t matter how much he needs her or how much this terrifies him. He doesn’t know if by “this” he means Bella or the wolf. AU.


I See You and I Never Should (Edward/Bree)
    Bree demands past tense, she was, a foreign language. The language of Bree.

Five Things Bella Swan Doesn't Know About Edward Cullen (Edward)
    That's a secret, but there's no one to tell.

I Know That I Have Taken Things (Bella. Vague mentionings of E/B and J/B.)
    Also, I may regret this in the morning. Not just the vodka.

You and Me in the Sun and Sea (Edward/Bella.)
    Some nights she thinks she felt him in her heart before he was ever in her life to change absolutely everything.

Ten Facts You Didn't Know About the Twilight Series (Edward/Bella, Edward/OC, Edward/Tanya, Edward/Rosalie. Edward, Rosalie, Bella.)
    He likes to believe you fall in love once, only once, and every love you have before fades to the point of being nothing more than an infatuation in comparison.

Then We'll Start Again and Just Pretend That Nothing Ever Happened (Edward/Rosalie)
    Spring rumbles in with the scent of lilies, her first spring in death, and she still stares out windows vacantly, this time at whirling pollen seeds instead of fallen snow.

Five Lies Mike Newton Never Told (Mike. Mike/Jessica, Mike/Bella, Jacob/Bella, Edward/Bella)
    On Friday, Lauren trips face forward into new mud from Thursday night showers and Mike shrugs, “I have no idea how that happened.”

Please Don't Let This Turn Into Something It's Not (Jacob/Leah, Sam/Leah, Jacob/Bella)
    They try to pretend it didn’t happen, but the next time they shift the entire pack stops short.

Maybe I Should Be Looking For Love With Some Other Girl (Edward/Rosalie)
    Only Rosalie flinches. He remains unfazed.

Here's the Mutiny I Promised You (Jacob/Leah)
    It starts because Leah's the only one who listens.

Pull Me Under Your Weather Patterns (Edward/Tanya)
    He woke the next morning with a deep gash from her long fingernails she often used as sharps dancing across his chest where his heart used to beat.

The Wind Went and Pulled Me Into Your Hurricane (Jacob/Tanya)
    Her name still lurks in chirping songbirds and the rush of lake water. Until he gets to Alaska. And then everything begins to change.


Veronica Mars

Dare (Veronica/Logan, Lilly/Veronica, Lilly/Logan)
    Lilly raises her eyebrows at her. “Don't be naive, Veronica. Men are all the same. The trick,” she reminds her, “is making them shift the lines between love and sex until the line spells out your name.”


The X-Files

Road Markers (Scully. Scully/Mulder. Post-Series AU.)
    There are anniversaries she can’t shake. Dates have, over the years, many years, worked their way into her mind as an internal clock.

Gravity Plays Favorites (Scully. Scully/Daniel Waterson, Scully/Other, Scully/Mulder. Pre-Series)
    The boyfriend goes quickly and the physics stays. That's what she likes the most.

These Things Keep Us From Sinking (Mulder/Scully)
    It takes until morning to speak again, but every time, one of them will say, “You can’t die first.”

You're the Light in My Deepest, Darkest Hour (Mulder/Scully)
    There’s not enough time, and he is the worst scratched CD, catching on the most insignificant of supplications.

Five Things that Never Happened to Dana Scully
    Dana — and she is always Dana now — looks out the window. She has stopped waiting. Instead, she watches.


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